Saturday, May 31, 2008

On My Way!

I'm airport bound for the 16 hour flight to Uganda. This trip has been a long time in planning, and it's hard to believe it's upon me already. My plan is basically this:

1 week in Entebbe for the 1st Global IT Conference. I'm bringing together all (or nearly all) the field-based IT staff so we can begin to develop working relationships, share best practices, and work together to create a truly global IT operation. I'm incredibly excited about this.

Then, my NY-based team and I will spend the weekend at a hotel at the head of the Nile doing some relaxing.

On Monday, June 9, we'll head up to Kitgum for a brief field visit. Back to Entebbe on Wed to catch our flight back home.

This will be somewhat different from my last trip as the field portion will be only a small component. But, as like last time. I'm sure that this trip will be "perspective-changing" in one way or another.